Earn PostPoints

Earn Points for shopping at one of our PostPoints Spots
(except for grocery, drug and liquor stores)

As a Platinum or Gold member, show your PostPoints card at the time of purchase and earn 15 points for each purchase transaction at one of our local PostPoints Partner Spots.

Earn Points for shopping at Grocery, Drug and Liquor Spots
5 points will be given for each purchase transaction, per retailer.

“Double dip” your points by linking your loyalty cards
• Click on “Link my Card” from the home page and enter your loyalty card membership numbers, including CVS and Geico. When you make a purchase and use CVS’s reward card, you will automatically earn PostPoints, too!
• When you enter your Geico account number into the PostPoints website you’ll receive 20 points plus you’ll earn an additional 15 points for every 6 months for continuing with Geico Insurance.

Earn points for your Washington Post subscription, subscription upgrades and enrolling in Easy Pay auto-renewal
• Automatically earn 1,000 points when you sign up to be a Gold or Platinum member and 500 for Silver.
• Upgrade from Gold to Platinum and receive 2,000 PostPoints!
• Sign up for Easy Pay auto-renewal and automatically earn 5,000 PostPoints!

Earn points on washingtonpost.com
• Earn 25 points when you login and read washingtonpost.com at least five separate times in one week.
• Earn 15 points for participating in the Talk about Travel weekly chats every Monday at 2 PM, the On Parenting chats every other Wednesday at 11 AM, the Free Range on Food weekly chats every Wednesday at Noon, the Home Front weekly chats every Thursday at 11 AM & the Happy Hour with Fritz Hahn weekly chats every other Thursday at 1 PM.

Earn Points for signing up to receive weekly PostPoints Editorial Tips
Earn 100 points when you sign up to receive weekly PostPoints Tips from The Post’s editorial staff when you register. Tips are on topics including Food & Wine, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Electronics & Gadgets, Travel, Sports and Parents & Kids.

Earn Points for helping your community
Earn 25 points for participating in one of our volunteer opportunities or by taking part in a local non-profit activity.

Daily Column and Daily Quiz
Read the PostPoints column in the Metro section to view the daily quiz question. Answer the quiz online and earn 5 points!

Earn Points for recording the Washington Post and Express PostPoints Daily Codes
• Earn 5 points for entering the PostPoints Daily Code found at the bottom of your Washington Post.
• Earn 1 point for entering the PostPoints Daily Code found in Express under Horoscopes.

Earn Points for telling us about things that interest you
If you have an idea on how something could be changed, added, or a vendor who would be interested in participating with PostPoints, you will receive customer appreciation points!

Featured Partners
These are a few of the featured partners we work with to bring you the best rewards. Click here to see a complete listing.
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